February 27, 2012
OYC x OSD takes on Mardi Gras!

Written by Anoki
Photos by Johnny Nguyen

Original source: http://occupyrcorner.blogspot.com/2012/02/oyc-takes-on-mardi-gras.html

On February 20th, Occupier Jennie M simply asked on the OYC Facebook Working Group Page "What are we doing for Mardi Gras?" And with that, she hosted one of OYC’s most amazing Corner Occupations yet on Fat Tuesday 2012!

We had a healthy contingent of more than 20 San Diego Occupiers taking over the intersection leading into the 5th Street Entrance of the San Diego Mardi Gras Celebration! Welcoming every person coming into the event on all sides of 5th on Broadway, we took on the spirit of the night with  masks, costumes, signs, singing, chanting rotations.

Occupier Barbara brought the huge blue banner this time saying "Please Support www.occupywalk.org SD to NYC” Much love and respect to the brave 7 Occupiers walking from the Southwest Corner to the Northeast Corner of the Country! You know we sent them on their way out the state with OYL Table Tents and Lost Lindas! Thanks to Occupier Nan!

Such an amasing turnout: Occupy San Diego was represented, Anonymous was represented, Occupy Wellness was represented… special Occupy Mardi Gras Songs were sung, fun Occupy Mardi Gras Masks were made, and we even got 2 hop-ons! (Hop-ons are watching 99%er who wants to join in take part… we give them a sign and they let the world know what’s up with us!)

We even had our first Occupy Corner Chanting Corner Rotation! 
The amazing Photographer Johnny captured all the angles, our lovely Cowbell Mistress showed up in full Mardi regalia, and Occupier Fish was our secret chaperone. 

Here’s our OYC Mardi Gras song:
(To the tune of “When the saints go marching in”)

"Oh when the banks come breaking in,
When the banks come breaking in,
Oh, They’ve come to take all your money
And then they’ll take a-way your Hoooome!”

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